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The Artist Statement

If you Booze you Lose
This project was indeed a good one in my opinion. I really enjoyed the challenge of becoming the first student to successfully create a good looking Campaign Poster. It seemed to help me that no one has done well on this project in the past because it gave me a sense of “there is no where to go but up.” The fact that my Campaign Poster is depicting the affects of drunk driving, several possible options came to mind of what to draw, and make look nice. After a hard fought series of negotiations I decided to draw a grave site effect.

In this grave site I showed a series of roads that all lead to the same place, your untimely demise. All the roads begin at a different alcoholic beverage and show that no matter what the drink, too much will lead you to meeting your maker. In order to make this grave site thing work I had to show a haunting environment, a dark lonely night, with only a single headstone in sight, yours! Beneath the grave is a whirl wind like figure, depicting your spirit swirling around your very on plot of land. What I hoped to achieve with this poster is to successfully lower the number of deaths due to an intoxicated driver. If I was able to do this my poster was a shear success.

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"Life in the Big City"


The name of my artist name is Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh is known for his work titled Starry Night and his vast amounts of self portraits. Van Gogh also is known as the artist with the missing ear, legend has it that he gave his ear to the woman he loved to show just how much he loves her. His work is very mysterious and elegant as long as peculiar. He really makes you ponder when looking over his work because it is done in a way where many conclusions can be made, whether it’s where he got his inspiration, or even what point he was attempting to get across. All of the above was taken into consideration during the process of choosing an artist.

Vincent Van Gogh took his work to a new level. He would draw things out of inspiration but twist them in to something a little more abstract, and mysterious, and almost fictitious. He his most popular for his work entitled “Starry Night” where he depicted a city beneath a sky full of abstract stars and a very elegant moon. All of his pieces were known to be very mysterious in a sense where many questions could be arisen.

My mouse pad depicts that of 3 of Vincent Van Gogh’s most popular works. In this I included his most infamous piece “Starry Night” as well as his most recent and widely known self portrait and lastly his abstract piece entitled “Branches with Almond Blossom.” My piece blends well with that of Van Gogh’s because mine too is abstract and makes you wonder. Three of Vincent’s pieces blended in to one giant montage, it almost smells of something he would bring to fruition in one of his pieces. The imagery in my piece comes from within the sky. The sky depicts a beautiful night sky, one that looks as if it could fall in to a fairy tale, and make you wildest dreams come true.

The computer was a very effective tool in helping me create this piece because of the vast amount of options it gave me in order to ensure an elegant mouse pad. It gave me the option to place a picture in a certain spot, blend the picture with the background, change the opacity of the picture (how much you can see of it) and even bring all the pictures in to one blend of creative artwork.

In doing this project I came to find no difficulty in creating this piece. I do feel it is very well done in the regard of creating a unified and expressive design as well as performing it in a way that can be looked at and enjoyed by all. In the instance that I would have to re-do this project, the one thing I am likely to change would be the way I present the self portrait of Van Gogh. I really don’t feel confident about the location of his picture, in the bottom left corner. Given more time I am likely to change some things up and see if I couldn’t present that one picture in a more professional and appealing way.

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The Dallas Cowboys are America's Team"
The Artist Statement

My vector piece depicts me in the slums of a city doing vandalistic activities. I was playing the part of Carl Johnson in a scene from the video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This mission in the video game was for “C.J” to go around the streets of the ghetto and spray over the signs of his rival gangs with his own gang’s graffiti. That is why you see the graffiti on the wall behind me. I tried to do the random shapes and colors just as C.J did in his mission. Even the picture of me has a meaning. This exact pose in front of this exact wall is seen in a video during the game. A video that is shot immediately following the passing of this mission. I realized after taking the picture that it strongly resembled that of the picture in the video game.

I chose to do this pose from this scene of the game solely by coincidental luck. After I outlined the picture and started forming a background it occurred to me that the picture in front of me looked eerily familiar. After a few moments of pure pondering I realized that I had seen this picture several times in the event that I had beaten this mission on many different occasions. I felt the need to pursue the idea when I noticed the detail filled examples that were provided as guidance. I knew I needed something that had good detail while maintaining an elegant look. When finished with my project I felt that I had captured what I set out to do, make the viewer look in awe. I think the fact that it’s not an obvious idea helps with the overall appreciation of the piece because of the fact that the main idea can be left up to the imagination of the viewer.

When asked how the colors affect my piece a few things come to mind. I feel that the colors I chose for my piece reflect each other well and compliment each other in a positive way. The greens and blues I find stand out in my piece along with the reds and purples of the graffiti on the wall behind me. In addition to this I feel that I chose flawless colors for my skin and clothes in which match me perfectly. Color tends to also show your feelings emotionally as you design your art, and in my piece this definitely came to fruition. My colors depict my feelings in a way of neither sadness nor happiness, but more of a troublesome, and threatening way due to the fact of me playing the role of a mobbed out gangster. I get to this realization because my colors aren’t real bright nor are they dark and gloomy, they are more of dull based background colors and an even distribution of bright and darker colors.

In the end, I love my piece in the regard that it is very realistic and accurate, while also maintaining a bit of symbolism due to me playing the role of an under privileged kid from the ghetto. What I don’t like about my piece is the fact that you can’t see a little more of my body. I feel a full body shot could only enhance the image that I am shooting for. In the end I definitely love my piece and hold it as one of my bests ever.

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The Artist Statement

Ex Libris
The Artist Statement

My Ex-Libris piece in a nutshell is a bright sun in a typical sky in the beginning stages of night. At a first glance it may seem stupid, maybe even at a second glance but eventually I would hope to have captured your intrigue and kind of make you think. Clearly the sun is never this bright when the sky is this dark, the sky is supposed to symbolize more of a night time motif in this piece. This was not only supposed to spark curiosity but to also make you wonder what I was thinking at the time. To answer your question I was thinking that I would create an Art Deco piece while also doing my best to make you sit back and contemplate the purpose of this somewhat oxymoron Ex- Libris.

This somewhat confusing detail has lead me straight in to my next topic of discussion; imagery. Imagery played a big part in this piece due to the fact that my entire piece is supposed to demonstrate an unrealistic happening. I tried to use imagery to paint a picture in your mind, an image that just may be compiled of odd thoughts of just what I bright sun in a night sky night look like, what it may feel like etc. I for one did wonder what this occurrence would be like when I constructed this piece. I thought that it would in a way be an eerie sight, one that may fill me with worry, maybe even a sign of the apocalypse. I believe this because humans in nature fear what they don’t know or what has yet to be discovered and this occurrence would definitely be one that has never happened nor ever thought of.

I was inspired by art deco in this piece because I took the advice of a wise teacher and found something online that I could sort of twist and spin it in to my own original piece. The picture that I was inspired by was one of a sun in an advertisement. In this advertisement the sun seemed to be out of place, I quickly realized that it didn’t belong, and it made me wonder if that contributed to the success of the ad. And that is what sparked my imagination, and made me wonder just what might come of a sun in a nighttime atmosphere. In the end I feel that this project was far from one of my favorites, and as well as far from one of my best works of art, however in the end I do feel I met the requirements of the project and should be graded accordingly.


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